Women in Hardware

A Nordic network for women creating with hardware

We invite all who identify as “woman” or who are outside of gender binaries that work with hardware across all domains.

Embedded electronics designers, artists, hackers, creatives, anything (with hardware) goes. Scroll down for all profiles.


Vanessa Julia Carpenter

Ask me about:
Smart Products, Meaningful Devices, Future Tech

Vanessa is the founder of the Nordic Women in Hardware. From Canada, Vanessa moved to Sweden for a Master’s of Interaction Design. She joined illutron, a floating maker space in Denmark & amidst fire cannons, dancers, computer controlled lights, sounds and robots, she co-created a community of Makers, tinkerers, nerds, thinkers, and creatives throughout Scandinavia. Vanessa's PhD is about Designing for Meaningfulness in future smart products and she founded Kintsugi Design, a design and technology studio focusing on meaningfulness in emerging technologies to help companies create their futures.

Majken Overgaard

Majken Overgaard

Ask me about:
Art & Tech, Business Models, Curation

Majken is the program manager at Catch. Throughout her career Majken has focused on the synergies between technology, innovation and contemporary art. She holds a MA in art history and has worked both as a facilitator, manager, educator and curator on a broad range of research and innovation projects, exhibitions, networks, workshops, residency projects and the development of various community-based websites.

Besides her full-time work activities she has co-founded two companies since 2011 and worked as a curator focusing on feminist activism within art and technology.


Sarah Homewood

Ask me about:
Self-tracking, Speculative technologies, Feminism

Sarah Homewood is currently a PhD student in the interaction design lab at the IT University of Copenhagen. Her background in contemporary dance informs her interaction design research. She currently designs digital prototypes to speculate on what form our self-tracking and health tracking technologies might take in the future. Through her research she tries to understand how technologies shape our experience of ourselves and politics around the body. She loves using feminist theory within the design of technologies to make the world a better, more equal place.


Lea Lemaire

Ask me about:
Digital fabrication, Immersive experiences, Prototyping

Lea Lemaire is an industrial designer currently following a master's program at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Through her previous work as a designer for the Montreal-based Robocut studio, she focused her practice on leading complex projects integrating technology and interactivity for public spaces, museums exhibitions, and immersive experiences. Lea has a dedicated hands-on creative approach, with a strong knowledge of materials, digital fabrication, and rapid prototyping.

Petra copy

Petra Ahde-Deal

Ask me about:
Jewelry, Crafts, Possessing, Design methods

Petra is a goldsmith and gemmologist with a great passion of understanding people and their relations to their possessions. She has published her doctoral thesis Women and Jewelry where she looked into reasons why women wear and possess jewelry from Aalto University. As a craft person she has a great interest in combining traditional craftmanship and electronics. She has also published academic texts about wearables, teaching wearables and possessing jewelry. She is very keen in sharing her knowledge about jewelry design, user involvement in design process and wearables. Today she works at Research and Innovation unit at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology as Docent at Design. She is from Finland.

Olga Rodenko

Olga Rodenko

Ask me about:
Optical Systems, Product Development in MedTech, Statistics

Olga holds a PhD in Optics and Photonics from Technical University of Denmark and works as Optical Engineer in medical device industry, developing optical systems for immunoassay testing. In the PhD project, Olga has designed and built two fluorescence measurement systems for detection of cardiac biomarkers. In addition, Olga enjoys crunching numbers with statistical data analysis and scientific programming.


Sara Daugbjerg

Ask me about:
Iot, Teaching Technology, Digital Fabrication

Sara is a half danish half portuguese technology enthusiast that dreams with a bottom up technology revolution. She is interested in the cross field between technology, social sciences and geography.

Sara works with IoT, environmental sensing, citizen science and guerrilla data collection, mainly at FabLab RUC. She also teaches programming to kids, youngsters and adults. She holds a master’s in Urban Studies and a bachelor in Computer Science.

Irina Shklovski

Irina Shklovski

Ask me about:
Ethics, Data, Future Technology Use

Irina Shklovski is an Associate Professor at the IT University of Copenhagen. Her projects address online information disclosure, social practices and the sense of powerlessness people experience in the face of massive personal data collection. She is concerned with how everyday technologies are becoming increasingly “creepy” and how people come to normalize and ignore those feelings of discomfort. Irina coordinates an EU-funded collaborative project VIRT-EU, examining how IoT developers enact ethics in practice and looking to design interventions in the IoT development process to support ethical reflection on data and privacy in the EU.


Hanne-Louise Johannesen

Ask me about:
Smart Materials, Prototyping, E-Textiles

Hanne-Louise holds a master in Art History and works as an interaction designer. She has a strong focus on aesthetics and how ’smart materials' works with contemporary society and how they work in a history of art and aesthetic. Hanne-Louise has in depth knowledge in ‘soft electronics’ and has good skills in craft, design and prototype building. She is the owner of the company Diffus Design, a Copenhagen based design studio specialised in smart materials, soft hardware and poetic technology. She also teach Digital Design at Zealand Academy of Technologies and Business and at Shanghai International Institute of Fashion and Innovation, Donghua University, Shanghai.

marianne_201521708 2

Marianne Andersen

Ask me about:
Medtech, Robotics, Girls in STEM

Marianne is a Business Development Manager with 25 years of international experience within medtech from large global corporations to small startup companies. 3 years ago she decided to go from corporate life into entrepreneurship: working with spinouts from universities to commercialize research in order for society to benefit. She founded RoboInsights: conferences about new technology focusing on how it changes the way we live. Marianne also founded high5girls, an association working on getting more girls to choose STEM. E-MBA and electrical engineering


Mirabelle Jones

Ask me about:
book art, feminist & queer technology, accessible immersive art

Mirabelle Jones is a creative technologist, interdisciplinary artist, and researcher investigating critical, creative practices in technology. Their work explores the immersive storytelling potential of sensors, spatialized sound, LEDs, XR, machine learning, wearables, and computer vision. A proponent of STEAM education and interdisciplinary development practices, they are a frequent speaker and educator on the subject of accessible and feminist human-centered design. They possess an M.F.A. in Book Art & Creative Writing and are an active book artist, interactive storyteller and analog novelist investigating the contemporary role of the book in our digitally-saturated world.


Hannah Petersen

Ask me about:
Microelectronics, Circuit Schematic Design, IC Verification

Hannah is from China and working as Hardware Design Engineer at Presto Engineering in Denmark. She was educated in microelectronics for four years and she has strong interests and good knowledge of microelectronics and hardware. She also has interests and experience in embedded systems, software programming and technologies in general. She works with testing microchips and designing the interface for testing them. She is skilled in both software programming and hardware design. Furthermore, besides her work, she is very enthusiastic about learning Danish. For her, being an engineer is a very fascinating job, and she has many women friends who are very talented engineers. She believes women have the possibility to enter the field of engineering, and utilize their intelligence and capabilities in this professional sphere to a greater extent

IMG_9844 4

Shelley Uprichard

Ask me about:
Sound, Working Globally and Switching Off

Shelley Uprichard is a Tonmeister and owner of a Float Centre in Copenhagen, though she grew up in Northern Ireland. She works with companies around the world to create great-sounding audio products, car audio systems and algorithms. In this role she works closely with designers, programmers, acoustic and electrical engineers. After far too much aural stimulation, she discovered that floating (or sensory deprivation) really helped her to recharge, destress and recover from jetlag! She spent the lockdown period building what she thinks is Europes largest floatation room complete with lights, sound and even a VR option.


Mahsa Esmaeili

Ask me about:
ASICs, Project Management, Electrical Engineering

Mahsa is an ambitious and passionate Electrical Engineer with specialization in Electronic Wearable Devices and Integrated Electronics. Mahsa received her M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from Aarhus University in Denmark. She works as Analog ASIC designer and Project manager developing Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) at Presto Engineering. Mahsa believes we need more women in engineering to bring new, unique perspectives into our research and scientific conversations. For her, working as an engineer has been an extremely fulfilling career path, and she believes it could be so for other women as well

Maja Fagerberg Ranten

Maja Fagerberg Ranten

Ask me about:
Interactive Art, Material Exploration, Bodily Interaction

Maja Fagerberg Ranten is an Interaction Designer and Ph.D. Fellow at Computer Science, Roskilde University, Denmark. She has a big repertoire of interactive art installations from the design collaboration UNMAKE and as a member of the art collective illutron. At Roskilde University, she is a co-creator of the research collective Exocollective and Exostudio, where the research focus is on digital material exploration in interactive design, art, and technology. Her Ph.D. Designing for Bodies with Bodies is a practice-based investigation of the designers' bodily interaction with materials (tangible, computational, and somatic) when designing artistic interactive systems.


Paula Petcu

Ask me about:
Robotics, DIY, Digital Health

Paula holds a MSc in Computer Science and works as a digital health specialist, evaluating various wearables and apps for their applicability in capturing health related data.
In her free time, she plays with home automation, takes existing products apart, and makes YouTube videos of her electronics projects. She is a DIYer, loves taking on new challenges, prototyping, and combining hardware and software to create new things.
Her latest project is building a humanoid robot.

cv photo

Anna Krzyzanowska

Ask me about:
Electrical Engineering, Renewable Energy and Space Technologies.

Anna is an innovative and passionate electrical engineer. Since childhood, technology has been her passion. She graduated from a technical university with the title of Master of Science in the field of renewable energy. Anna has done significant research in obtaining new minerals for solar energy projects. She works as an electrical engineer at a Danish company. Anna is keenly interested in space technology and is trying to combine her passion for renewable energy with a passion for space using renewable energy in space. Anna aims to dismantle stereotypes about being a female engineer.

Parizad Shojaee Nasirabadi

Ask me about:
Fluid dynamics, Process engineering, Operational Excellence, statistical process optimization

Parizad is a passionate and innovative chemical and mechanical engineer with extensive experience in process engineering. She holds a MSc in chemical engineering- separation processes and a PhD in mechanical engineering- fluid dynamics. She has worked as a post-doctoral researcher in automation of additive manufacturing post processes. Currently, she is working as an R&D engineer, developing and manufacturing processes for 3rd class medical devices. Her main areas of expertise are operational excellence and process optimization (heat transfer, fluid flow, phase transition, chemical reactions …) using statistical modeling and Lean Six Sigma principles


Kendra Bannister

Ask me about:
Product Development, Project Management, Supply Chain Set-up

Originally from Calgary, Canada, and educated as a Mechanical Engineer at UBC in Vancouver, Kendra moved to Denmark in 2012 to pursue a career in international product development. She has since worked as an engineer and project/product manager in various roles that resulted in her deep understanding of a variety of manufacturing technologies and processes. She is considered by her colleagues to be an empathetic leader and relationship builder who facilitates commitment by empowering people to unleash their full potential. Kendra has a proven track record in leading diverse multidisciplinary teams to execute complex development projects and developing successful products for a global client base.


Shweta Agarwala

Ask me about:
Printed Electronics, Flexible Circuits, Smart Materials and E-Textiles

Shweta Agarwala is a tenure-track assistant professor at Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aarhus University. Her vision is to enable component and wire-free electronic circuits that are flexible, bendable, conformable and biodegradable. She is achieving this through material innovation and 3D printing route by printing electronics on unconventional substrates for next-generation electronics especially catering to healthcare and biomedical sector. She is the vice-chair for Women in Engineering chapter in IEEE Denmark section and an enthusiast STEM advocate

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